We are looking to recruit postdoctoral fellows!

More details will be posted shortly — in the mean time, please contact me if you interested.

Group members

Some previous members and affiliates of the Purcell lab:

Douglas Ruderfer ( instructor; currently new faculty at Vanderbilt)

Menachem Fromer ( research associate professor; currently at Verily )

Eli Stahl ( assistant professor )

Eimear Kenny ( assistant professor )

Elizabeth Webster ( associate bioinformatician; currently PhD student at MSSM )

Qingrun Zhang ( postdoctoral fellow )

Nadia Solovieff ( post-doc; currently research scientist with Novartis )

Sarah Bergen ( post-doc; currently assistant professor at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden )

Colm O'Dushlaine ( post-doc; currently research scientist at the Broad Institute )

Yan Meng ( post-doc; currently staff scientist at the Broad Institute )

Manuel Ferriera ( post-doc; currently faculty at Queensland Institute for Medical Research )

Phil Hyoun Lee ( post-doc; currently an Instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital )

Jennifer Stone ( post-doc; currently with Illumina Inc. )

Brett Thomas ( programmer; currently programmer at ATGU, Massachusetts General Hospital )

Lori Thomas ( programmer/research assistant )

Kathe Todd-Brown ( programmer/research assistant; currently PhD student at UC Irvine )