Genetic Power Calculator

QTL Linkage for Sibships
 QTL additive variance            : 
 QTL dominance variance           :   No dominance (* see below) 
 Residual shared variance         :  
 Residual nonshared variance      : 
 Recombination fraction           : 

Sample Size : Sibship Size :
User-defined type I error rate : (0.00000001 - 0.5) User-defined power: determine N : (0 - 1) (1 - type II error rate)

Note : This module will soon be modified, so the user enters the average PIC rather than the recombination fraction. Note : By default, power is calculated for a 2 degree of freedom test, testing for additive QTL effects as well as dominance. If the No dominance button is checked then only the additive QTL effects are tested. Note, that this implicitly sets the dominance variance to 0. That is, if you do not test for dominance, then you cannot specify it in the model.

Last updated 4th September 2001 by Shaun Purcell