PLINK: Whole genome data analysis toolset This page contains some important information regarding how to set up and use PLINK. Individuals familiar with using command line programs can probably skip most of this page. A version history recording changes and additions to PLINK is given at the bottom of this page, also.


PLINK is now available for free download, as a pre-release trial version.

Important... Until v1.00 is released, please consider yourself a tester rather than a user.

Linux (x86_64) plink-latest-linux-x86_64.tar.gz v0.99l
Linux (i686) plink-latest-linux-i686.tar.gz v0.99l
MS-DOS v0.99l
Apple Mac v0.99l
Solaris plink-latest-solaris.tar.gz v0.99l
C/C++ source code plink-latest-src.tar.gz v0.99l
C/C++ source code v0.99l