sleep epidemiology, genetics & neurophysiology

Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston

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Characterize Normal and Abnormal Variation in Sleep
  • Data generation: compilation of genetically-informative datasets
  • In silico phenotyping: characterizing sleep EEG in large samples
  • Building a pipeline: develop and deploy analysis tools for large sleep datasets
Determine the Genetic Basis of Variation in Sleep
  • Phenotype-to-genotype: initiating discovery genetics projects for sleep phenotypes
  • Genotype-to-phenotype: screen for disease-genes mediating sleep phenotypes
  • Computational/statistical methods: genetics to unpack heterogeneity
Elucidate the Genetic and Environmental Causal Networks that Relate Sleep and Complex Disorders
  • Novel sleep epidemiology: mining big data for correlates of sleep phenotypes
  • Pleiotropic genes: shared genetic bases between sleep and disease phenotypes
  • Causal modeling: untangling cause from effect and confounder

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