Standard Download

This download contains executables for PSEQ, PBROWSE and the command line helper utilities.

OS Hardware Version Date Link Description
C/C++ source package . 0.10 14-Jul-2014 plinkseq-0.10.tgz Tarball of C/C++ source files; follow these instructions to compile
Linux x86_64
(64 bit)
0.10 14-Jul-2014 Linux binary executable files
Mac OS X Mavericks
(64 bit)
0.10 14-Jul-2014 Mac OS X binary executable files

Development versions of the source code

For access to the current (potentially unstable) development source code, visit the public Bitbucket repository at

Using git, type at the command line (git installation instructions):

git clone

After downloading the source code above, you will need to install it as described here.

Note : these should be considered as experimental, early-release versions of this package. As such, aspects of the code, database format, range of available options, are likely to undergo change. We are also not able to offer any support at this stage, although reporting clearly documented and replicable errors or problems will be appreciated. At this stage, we suggest that only expert users (i.e. who wish to play the role of early adopter and beta-version tester) should use PLINK/Seq. PLINK/Seq 0.09 is not backwards compatible with previous versions. Projects constructed with prior versions must be rebuilt with 0.09.


Rplinkseq (v0.10) is currently not available for distribution: this page will be updated soon.

Version Date Link Description