PLINK: Whole genome data analysis toolset This page contains old versions of PLINK.


The latest release version is 1.07 (see main download page).

Version 1.06.
Linux (x86_64) v1.06
Linux (i686) v1.06
MS-DOS v1.06
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.06
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.06

Version 1.05.
Linux (x86_64) v1.05
Linux (i686) v1.05
MS-DOS v1.05
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.05
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.05

Version 1.04.
Linux (x86_64) v1.04
Linux (i686) v1.04
MS-DOS v1.04
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.04
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.04

Version 1.03.
Linux (x86_64) v1.03
Linux (i686) v1.03
MS-DOS v1.03
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.03
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.03

Version 1.02.
Linux (x86_64) v1.02
Linux (i686) v1.02
MS-DOS v1.02
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.02
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.02

Version 1.01.
Linux (x86_64) v1.01
Linux (i686) v1.01
MS-DOS v1.01
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.01
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.01

Version 1.00.
Linux (x86_64) v1.00
Linux (i686) v1.00
MS-DOS v1.00
Apple Mac (PPC) v1.00
C/C++ source (.zip) v1.00

Version 0.99r.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99s
Linux (i686) v0.99s
MS-DOS v0.99s
Apple Mac (PPC) v0.99s
C/C++ source (.zip) v0.99s

Version 0.99r.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99r
Linux (i686) v0.99r
MS-DOS v0.99r
Apple Mac (PPC) v0.99r
C/C++ source (.zip) v0.99r

Version 0.99q.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99q
Linux (i686) v0.99q
MS-DOS v0.99q
Apple Mac (PPC) v0.99q
Solaris v0.99q
C/C++ source (.zip) v0.99q

Version 0.99p.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99p
Linux (i686) v0.99p
MS-DOS v0.99p
Apple Mac v0.99p
Solaris v0.99p
C/C++ source code v0.99p

Version 0.99o.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99o
Linux (i686) v0.99o
MS-DOS v0.99o
Apple Mac v0.99o
Solaris v0.99o
C/C++ source code v0.99o

Version 0.99n.
Linux (x86_64) v0.99n
Linux (i686) v0.99n
MS-DOS v0.99n
Apple Mac v0.99n
Solaris v0.99n
C/C++ source code v0.99n

Version 0.99m.

Linux (x86_64) plink-0.99m-linux-x86_64.tar.gz v0.99m
Linux (i686) plink-0.99m-linux-i686.tar.gz v0.99m
MS-DOS v0.99m
Apple Mac v0.99m
Solaris plink-0.99m-solaris.tar.gz v0.99m
C/C++ source code plink-0.99m-src.tar.gz v0.99m
C/C++ source code v0.99m

Version 0.99l.

Linux (x86_64) plink-0.99l-linux-x86_64.tar.gz v0.99l
Linux (i686) plink-0.99l-linux-i686.tar.gz v0.99l
MS-DOS v0.99l
Apple Mac v0.99l
Solaris plink-0.99l-solaris.tar.gz v0.99l
C/C++ source code plink-0.99l-src.tar.gz v0.99l
C/C++ source code v0.99l

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