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Current Luna release: v0.27 (27-Sep-2022)

Installation options

Luna is released under the GPLv3 license, allowing free sharing and modification of the source code. There are three basic ways to obtain Luna:

  • source code for lunaC and lunaR, along with instructions for compilation

  • binary executables for lunaC for Mac OS and Windows

  • or as a Docker container, which allows any machine with Docker installed on it to run Luna (both lunaC and lunaR) and comes with R (and RStudio) and the tutorial data pre-installed.

Advice for Linux

For most up-to-date Linux distributions, we recommend pulling the source and compiling directly.

Advice for Mac OS

For most Mac users, we recommend downloading the binaries or using the Dockerized version.

Advice for Windows

For Windows, we recommend using the Dockerized version of Luna to provide a complete environment in which Luna can operate best. Currently, it is the only way that you can use lunaR on Windows too.

Data resources

The data page contains a number of resources that can be used with Luna on any platform, namely the tutorial data and resources to support working with NSRR data.

Changelog and known issues

For recent changes and additions in the latest version, see the CHANGELOG page.

For any known issues impacting the current release, see this page.

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