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Various commands and digital signal processing tools features not mentioned elsewhere

Command Description
HR Estimate per-epoch heart rate from ECG
SPIKE Create a synthetic signal by combining part of one signal with another
ZR Calculate per-epoch Z-ratio


A modified Pan-Tompkins algorithm for detect R peaks in the ECG

to be completed


Merges two signals

Parameter Example Description
from Original from signal
to Original to signal
new Label for new signal
wgt Weight

to be completed


Calculates per-epoch Z-ratio

Implementation of a simple heuristic designed to index sleep depth, as described here. Requires epoched 30-second EEG data. It is based on frequency ranges, which are different from Luna's default band definitions:

  • delta: 0.5 to 2hz
  • theta: 2.5 to 7.5 Hz
  • alpha: 8 to 12.5 Hz
  • beta: 13 to 30 Hz
Option Description
signal Specify which channels/signals to include

to be completed


to be completed

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