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Running Hypnoscope

A version is hosted online at For uploading large .hypnos files, it will be better to run Hypnoscope locally, however.

Dockerized version

The Dockerized version of Luna contains Hypnoscope.

1) Start the Docker container (described here and here and go to the hypnoscope folder, and make sure it is up-to-date:

cd /build/hypnoscope/
git pull

2) Start R and launch Hypnoscope:

runApp( launch.browser=F , host = "" , port = 3838 )

3) Visit your local browser at

Running locally

Obtain Hypnoscope

git clone
cd hypnoscope

In R:

which should bring up a browser window.

Hypnoscope will be distributed as a proper R package, but for now, you may need to first install these libraries (as well as having lunaR installed):

install.packages( c("shiny","shinybusy","shinyjs","dplyr","lubridate","shinydashboard","datamods") )
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