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Experimental / Unsupported / Legacy functions


This section should be considered as nothing more than our own internal notes and reminders on some features that are being prototyped or are under very heavy development, etc. That is, these are a) highly likely to change, b) will not necessarily use Luna's standard output mechanims, c) may be removed in future versions, and d) may be buggy, incomplete or both. Stay well clear! You've been warned!

Command Description
ICA Independent component analysis
EMD Empirical mode decomposition
ED Diagnostic for electrical bridging
POL Polarity check heuristic for sleep EEG
FIP Frequency-interval plots
EXE Epoch-wise distance/similarity matrix
TSLIB Build library for SSS
SSS Simple sleep stager
SLICE Short-time FFT for specified intervals


Independent components analysis

To be completed: a wrapper around the fastICA C/C++ package, to provide ICA functionality.


Empirical mode decomposition

Empirical mode decomposition, or the Hilbert-Huang transform (described here)


Heuristic method to spot electrical bridging

To be completed.


Polarity checks for EEG sleep signals

Heuristics to see if signals have been fliped, based on the aysmmetrical shape of slow oscillations.

To be completed.


Frequency-interval plots

Experimental method, to be completed.


Calculates an epoch-by-epoch permutation distribution entropy similarity matrix

To be completed.


Generates a time-series libary to be used with the SSS

To be completed.


Simple Sleep Stager

A basic k-NN (k-nearest neighbor algorithm) for supervised sleep stage classificaiton.


Take a list of intervals from a file and generate spectral summaries

Currently not supported, checked or integrated into Luna's new output mechanism


  • sig: only a single signal allowed
  • allow-overlap: of intervals
  • dump-signal: optionally dump the raw signal
  • window: window size around segment? (before and after, in seconds)
  • n-window: the number of windows (default=1)